Because being grateful is just the easy part


There are many things we forget to be thankful for; whether it be food in the fridge, or sweatpants on lazy days- but more importantly, we forget to say WHO we’re thankful for.

And this is for you, for being my sister.
I know that we never HAD to get along in life, and that some people never really get to love someone and share the relationship that we do.
But for us, I know you’re more than just someone I share my genetics with.
You are the person that helps color in all the spaces in life. We made family vacations our own adventures. We made sure that we got drunk, got high, got good on all the things life had to give. We survived first kisses, first loves, and even when I learned to ride a bike. Then eventually there was heartbreak, and when everyone else failed to understand the hurt the world had put into my life; you sat by me silently, patiently, held my hand, cradled my head on your shoulder, and wished away all the bad things in the world.
I hope that when the day comes, that some boy comes waltzing into your world; that he treat you well and kind, and may he never break your heart, because you’re the heart breaker. But- I know not every girl is immune to the ways of boys, and that sometimes they may steal your love, take it for granted, and make you feel less than beautiful. May you always look at yourself through my eyes, and see the way the world is better for you, and that boys may come and go, but sisters are forever. And if you forget what a boss ass b***h you really are, you come find me, and let me sit by you silently, patiently, holding your hand, cradling your head on my shoulder, and let me wish away all the bad things in the world. Because I know that you’ve done this for me, and I will always be here to do those things for you.
So sister, may the world be your oyster, may you conquer it at the helm, and i’ll be right beside you. Riding shotgun, taking names, and making lists. Everything and anything. From here to ninety lifetimes.
So, this is my thank you to you. As small in the world it may be, and it may never encompass everything that I will ever be grateful for, may you always be reminded.
You are my rock and my grounding place, for every mistake, bad outfit, late night, early morning, hangover, one night stand, family vacation- home and afar.
I love you, and thank you for all you are, all you do, and all you may become.
Always, always.

Much Love, MirandaΒ 


Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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