THE VERY FIRST TIME; You go away to college.


Your freshman year will be a long process of meeting people, doing laundry after there’s no clean underwear, and finding out that you ARE capable of raging on a Thursday night and still making it to your 7AM on Friday.

But, being one of the first kids in my family to leave the nest, no one told me about the social graces of college life, so here’s my blurb about it to you.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to remember is that college is about meeting new people. So, no matter how much you really want to be roommates with your best friend, really consider the option of getting a random roommate. In the hopes that your luck will be as great as my own- your new roommate will end up being the first friend you make, and the one that helps you battle all the new things you have to get used to. (Including getting really frustrated that your suitemates never restock the toilet paper; and you need that roommate of yours to go out at 2AM to find you a new roll, thanks Syd.)
  2. Join a new club- this one is pretty self-explanatory, but this is the best way to share your interests with others. If you’re really into LARP-ing it out, then by all means, put on your best costume and head out there. No one really thinks twice about social norms, it’s college, and the only opinion that should really matter is your own.
  3. Get a meal plan- although we try to fend off that Freshman 15 (it is real ladies and gents), you’ll most likely be starving, lazy, and tired of microwavable Mac and Cheese. It’s most likely going to put a small dent in your wallet, but it makes a difference when you can have decent food that hasn’t taken two minutes to make. But, remember that pizza is not a food group, and that you need to eat those vegetables, just like your mom told you.
  4. We know you really want to be a great student, but there is no harm going out that one Thursday night (even though you have class on Friday). Remind yourself that just as hard as you work, you deserve to have fun. Let that drunken guy at the bar buy you a drink, go ahead and flirt with him a little, and if your heart desires, go ahead and do the wobble on the dance floor. If there’s any time you should let your hair down, it’s when you’ve got a little liquid courage and a song that’s got its own dance. But I do warn you, stick with your gals, and go home with them afterwards, because you still need to make it to class. Be the responsible drunk. Or at least try.
  5.  Just as easy as it is to get drunk and do something shameful, remember that you are the only one to blame for any of your actions. There is no one there to dictate the rules and keep you on the straight and narrow; you’re a grown up now, whether you like it or not.
  6. Lastly, if you don’t already have an Instagram, go ahead and make one. You’ll post all the football games, frat parties, nights at the club, and probably your friends (or yourself) being extremely publicly indecent.

Life is too short to have regrets.

Much Love, Miranda


Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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