What I Won’t Have with You

You won’t be the one who kissed my lips first. And I won’t be your first kiss either.

You won’t be the one who introduces me to funnel cake at the state fair, or the view of the sunset at the top of the parking garage.

You won’t be the first person I share my music collection with. And I won’t be the first person that you play the piano for.

I won’t be the girl who first held your hand, or kissed you in the elevator when no one was looking. And you won’t be the first guy I daydream about.

My first time kissing you in the rain, will maybe be your second, third, or fourth. And your first time reading Having a Coke With You will be my ninetieth or hundredth.

This is the thing about you and I. We won’t be each others firsts.

And maybe you once loved someone else just as madly as you love me.

We will look at each other through the eyes of lovers, across the room, sharing longing glances.

I won’t be the girl that you reminisce on when something from the past recurs. And you won’t be the guy that I can tell you all about when I once loved before.

It will seem that we have lived a complete life before we meet each other; and that we will- have lived a life before meeting.

You know you won’t be my first, and I will know that too. But what you will be is my best side. And I will be your thought after a long day.

I may not have experienced some of those firsts with you, and you may have not with me. But what we will have is the time to experience them together.

We will have pasts, but we will also have futures. We will be there one day, sharing those moments together.

And when that moment occurs- you will be the one I love the most.


Much Love, Miranda


Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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