Working in retail for the past two months has been a trying time.

You learn how patient you can really be, and what the value of a dollar is, since you basically do the job of three people all for the wage of one; what a deal.

So this is my blurb about how you can make your shopping experience a little more enjoyable, if you learn to be somewhat respectful in the unspoken rules of shopping:

1. NEAT PILES: Oh, you see that nicely stacked pile of tank tops on that table? Looks really clean doesn’t it? Well yeah, because we spend four hours after you left the store refolding the whole stack so it could look that way. Don’t be the person who has to compare every single tank top (they are ALL the same just so you know) just to pick the one that’s not necessarily on the top nor on the bottom, but just in the spot that once you pull it out, the whole ENTIRE pile of tank tops is just that, a pile, not the stack that it was before.

2. STREET YOUTHS: aka- your children. I love children, don’t get me wrong. They warm your heart in a way that just makes saying no impossible; but also, they can be the most unbearable customers. If your child is running through all the racks, and touching EVERYTHING they can get their hands on, and LYING on top of all the clothes they’ve put on the floor, it makes me want to quit my job. Just tell them to stay by your side, and to help you pick something out. Because finding your kids snot all over some shirt that I have to end up cleaning; well, like I said, I want to quit my job.

3. CLOSING TIME: “One last call for alcohol….” (you know, that song that they couldn’t stop singing in Friends with Benefits- and no, it’s not Third Eye Blind) well yeah, closing time means that no we don’t have any more registers open just because you’re still in the store. Don’t be the person that stays for 45 minutes past store hours because you still need to “look” for something. We know you have no clue what you want to buy, so just come back tomorrow when we’re open and we will gladly help you find whatever you may be “looking” for.

4. Secuuuurityyy!: Don’t try to shop lift, we know when you are doing it.

5. CORNERS: Also, don’t be the person who picks up everything they like in the store, just to dump it in a corner somewhere because you decided not to buy it; do us the courtesy of handing these items over, and saying you’ll come back for them. Because, like anyone, we eventually want to go home SOMETIME soon, and not finding your collection somewhere- because we do have to pull ALL of those items back.

6. FRUSTRATION: DO NOT GET MAD AT THE SALES ASSOCIATE; we get that it is our job to help you find whatever you may be looking for, but that does not mean we keep track of every item that we sell. That “black top with the sleeves”- how descriptive, let me see if I can find that for you somewhere in this place. NO. Just, no. Show us a picture if you’d like, but we can’t help you find something if you can’t really tell us what EXACTLY it is you’re looking for.

These are the things that I’ve learned, and have helped me keep a bittersweet romance with my job.
So shop your hearts out, and keep these guidelines in mind.

Much Love, Miranda


Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

4 thoughts on “THE VERY FIRST TIME; You Work Retail.”

  1. Of course these rules shold be strictly adhered to during the holiday season but all sense of etiquette and courtesy goes out the window. I remember this all too well.

      1. I’ve done retail, been a waiter, all of the so-called student jobs. Each one came with great experiences and moments you just wanted to put all of humanity into a giant bubble and fill it with water. lol

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