100HappyBlogs #7: Idols



(My dad and I back in ’96)

I don’t always write about my dad, and when I do, I always stop myself short wondering if he’d be okay with it. But within the last year, I’ve learned a lot about my dad, and it just makes me admire him a little bit more; and I think it’s time to reveal a little bit about Papa Tran.

Growing up, my dad was always a great provider, making sure that I always had everything I may need to succeed in life, and to this day, he still asks if I have everything I need.

My dad was born in Vietnam, and growing up he lived a modest life, and then Communism found its way into his life, and his parents decided to send him and his eldest brother to America. So they went, lived as refugees on some island for a year, and then eventually found their way here, or should I say, Ohio.

I don’t really know too much about everything in between all this, but he did end up living in Ohio, and working a job at a restaurant and paying his way through college; slowly my dad and his brother sent money back to Vietnam to send each of his six other siblings and parents over. Fast forward several years, and my dad has found everyone a home, all scattered across the U.S., with a college degree in his pocket, he moved to Florida.

This is where he falls in love with my mom, and wooed her into marrying him; he succeeded in his career and they built this family with me and my sister.

There’s a lot of personal moments that I’ve left out of this story, but the basics draw a nice enough picture, that you can see how far my father has come since leaving home at 15. He’s a brilliant man in my book, and has never failed to surprise me with one of his stories about growing up. On top of that, he is the funniest man I know, with the quirkiest sense of humor, which very few- very lucky people get to witness.

My dad is a fervent giver, and hard work is his dictionary. And all these things, even if he weren’t my dad, make him the best man I know. But lucky enough, I get to see him be both a father and an idol, and very rarely do these two things coincide. He has given me all the opportunities necessary; an education, a shot at a wonderful college, and providing my sister and I with a great life that we never want for anything more.

My dad puts into perspective how lucky I am that I can have these opportunities; and for him, I am forever grateful.

Dad, thanks for being really cool. You’re a genius. (Don’t tell him I said that, his ego’s pretty big)

I love you unconditionally.

Much Love, Miranda 


Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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