A Year in Review: 2014

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Without a doubt, this past year has been a remarkable one. There was some growing up to be done, and some hard choices to be made. I broke free of a mold and found a place in the world that can only be described as a second home. I worked harder, and fought for my beliefs. This past year has lead me to find some truly incredible friends, who are undoubtedly lifelong friends, and more importantly, I discovered myself this past year. (I want to say found, but I think we subconsciously know who we are all along, it just takes a little bit of coaxing to shimmy out of that woodwork.)

The summer was a drifting period, working and not quite sure where life was going. But eventually, my career path kind of stumbled into my world, and it has been a dive in head first kind of deal, getting my hands dirty and jumping into the full excitement of discovering again.

I am eternally grateful for the love in my life, the support that I constantly receive from family, friends, and you wonderful group of readers; who make my hobby, passion, and life a joy to write about. The voice I’m given on this WordPress platform has given me such a full heart, and allowed me to write about the things I feel, want to feel, and have felt.

Along with growing, the biggest lesson this past year has given me is to set limits. There’s a quote that goes something like “Givers need to set limits, because takers rarely do.” Don’t over extend your love, and don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of, because us rose colored glasses gals end up disappointed and hurt. But then again, remember to give gratitude and radiate that internal sunshine, because there aren’t enough of those golden people in the world.

I’ve watched the sun rise a number of times, but with the approaching New Year, there’s nothing more wonderful than watching it on the first of a shiny new 2015. I hope to find an extraordinary love this turn around the sun, that I allow wiggle room for new adventures across the pond, and that those midnight moments allow me to cross paths with some old souls with young hearts. I hope that these strangers and friends breathe new life and inspiration into my writing, my world, and ultimately my life.

To you reading this, I hope that the past year has been shared with some beautiful people, with vibrant personalities, and embracing you with loving arms to carry you into the New Year.

“I am and always will be the optimist.

The hoper of far-flung hopes.

The dreamer of improbable dreams.”

To you and yours,

Much Love, Miranda


Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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