When I Stopped Believing.

I recently read an article about how everything changes when you stop believing that everything happens for a reason.

And maybe it was the way I could relate, or that I have drunk the Kool-Aid.

I think growing up; we have hope in the world. That we see the bad things that happen day in and day out, and we still cling on to that glimmer of hope that reminds us how were all not alone in this, and that we keep believing that our human nature will save ourselves from ourselves. We want so badly to know that the world has some way of taking the reins and making it so that we only have to see so much, hear so much, experience so much, change so much, and keep trekking forward so much, and then what happens will happen.

But what comes about when you do stop believing? In the way the world keeps turning the way that it was meant to.

What happens when you start to accept the responsibility of your own cause and effect; the gravitational pull of you, and everything around you. The people you touch, the fights you have, the ones you love, the drinks you share, the conversations swapped, the ideas brainstormed, and the words written.

What happens when you start to see that the belief you had in the world doesn’t hold much water anymore. When you start to see the pattern, or choice, of dictation, of time, of you?

I’d like to think that the article I read was on to something. That the author knew that this was the revelation that we were bound to come across sooner or later. And that maybe we knew it all along, we just didn’t know where to place our hope. So often it is bound with fear, that we forget how to go about things with such confidence and poise.

But here’s the thing when you stop placing your faith and fate in the hands of everything happening for a reason.

You put faith into yourself, you, the decision maker of decision makers. Your gravitational pull in life, and on the things you surround yourself with. You give it all purpose; you make the chain of cause and effect intentional and deliberate. You wake yourself up to the ways in which your choices are solely for you and you alone.

This is what happens when you stop believing in the way that everything happens for a reason.

You end up alive, rather than just living.

Much Love, Miranda


Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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