Counting Down

You’re the hum of the road,
On long car rides.
That single gap that falls,
Between the thunder and lightening.
You’re electric in my soul,
That keeps me from age and worry.
And when the rain just kisses my skin,
I breathe in deep knowing you’re there.
You’re the salty breeze that comes in,
Just after the rain has cleared the beach.
I walk in your shadow,
When the clouds have pulled itself forth.
I can never look back,
Because you’ve kept me looking forward.
To a singular moment,
Our gap in time,
That makes the sunrise brush the sky,
And the sunset skim the sea.
Three dimensions,
Two people,
One moment.
And I really,
Just really,
Can’t wait to meet you.



Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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