Old but Good;

Loving, caring, fighting, moving, all towards a moment. All towards me.



Here’s to you, laying there in morning light. The way that you turn over to face me as the sun starts to flood this bedroom of ours.

Here’s to you getting up before me and turning on the coffee machine. The way that you will fill up two glasses; and make sure that my cup is mostly milk and less coffee- where you like to take yours strong and black.

Here’s to reading the morning newspaper. The way I’ll sit on one side and you’ll sit on the other; you’ll read the front and I’ll read the back.

Here’s to morning showers, and getting a little dirty before we get clean. The way that this can become such a surprising event for us, even after all the time has flown by.

This is my candid letter to you, and all the ways I will unapologetically be myself. The way I will love you in every way of your faults; and how I will share my faults with you. You will know the way my eyes look after crying from a great book, and how I’ll hug you from behind when you’re back is turned towards me.

You will be my first, last and middle thought to each day. And I am so heavily intoxicated by you. And all these things you make me feel stem from the fact that I haven’t met you yet.

You exist somewhere, and you and I both are fighting our way towards each other. I will learn to face my fears, my battles, and even my past- all for the likelihood that I’ll meet you. You distract me, enchant me, and free me from those pesky inhibitions.

You will know that I snore. You will see me when I’m batshit crazy. You will know that I will stay up, and watch Pretty Woman for the hundredth time. You will know; that I love you.

It is for these things, that I believe in you, and encourage you. To do all the things that fulfill you, and give you the satisfaction of being complete. I will not harp on your past, and I will embrace our future. Our love will know no start or end. And if this is not our love in this life, I am willing to fall in love without the regards of you, and chalk it up to how it may all end up.

But I hope you sit there, satisfied with the life you live. Loving, caring, fighting, moving, all towards a moment. All towards me.

Much Love, Miranda

Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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