You taught me laughter,

Long after the joke was told,

And I’ll still smile,

And giggle to myself,

Because the humor in your eyes,

Lit up my whole soul-

You taught me calm,

Better than ocean waves,

And rainforest sounds,

Because it resided within me,

All this time I never knew-

You taught me youth,

How to act my age,

And let go of the reigns,

Just long enough to enjoy this life,

And every silly thing that should be enjoyed-

You taught me to cherish,

The little moments,

That gap between thunder and lightning,

And the heavy sigh from the biggest smile-

You taught me patience,

When time was still ticking,

And the world was still spinning,

Because life’s good moments,

All stem from those singular moments,

Where time seems suspended,

Hanging everything in the balance-

You taught me these things,

And I am forever grateful.

You taught me that too,

And for this,

I thank you.



Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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