There is beauty in choice;

I choose different
And I choose kind.
To look at life fully
And with wonder.
I choose positive
And words of promise.
To grow with the world
And to travel with the horizons.
I choose unusual
And to never grow tired.
I choose to chase the wind
And stand at the shore.
But more importantly
I choose to dive in
And get my hair wet.
To break a sweat
And feel the sand beneath my feet
and the salt water in my eyes.
I choose to fall
And fall again.
To always stumble in and out
Of love and love only.
To always be present in life
And in every conversation.
I choose to show up
And defy all the odds.
To put happiness second
But myself always first.
I choose to speak firmly
And laugh loudest.
I choose to stick out
Stand out
And never give out
Until its my time.
And even then
I choose to live
through every soul I’ve ever touched.
Because this life is meant to be eternal.
Through my love
I choose to change
My life
Your life
and the world.
I choose to not just live
But be alive
For every beautiful second
And to never be discouraged
By the stumble and obstacle.
I choose to prove
And define
That there is so much beauty
In being bigger than this
And more importantly
Bigger than myself.
I choose me
Over anything
Because if I’m not first
Than who is?



Author: mirandatran

In constant pursuit of my best life, best self, and the very things that set my soul on fire.

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