My Kindred Spirit

“To discover a kindred spirit is to find your heart in the heart of a friend.” -Ann Parrish

My kindred spirit, I found you finally.

You carried my love for six growing years,

where we changed

time passed

and we became whole between us two.

Without each other,

we learned about the world.

It is a harsh sun that burns our skin,

And people with bitter tongues have spoken unkindly,

untrue, and broken down some of our defenses.

We grew wings that helped us soar,

and at times- people would try to clip them,

to keep us from the sky.

But what carried us strong was the promise of a dream,

the ones we painted behind closed eyes,

and shared over dinners,

which felt like passing moments,

where we became ships in the night.

Six years did we age,

another wrinkle by your eye,

and laugh lines that hug and emphasize that very smile-

that melted a heart in the summer heat of ‘09.

So when souls mingle,

and dance like ours,

we can finally stop wishing and hoping that we can get out of here.

You lean on me,

And you’ll keep me afloat,

This world promises us nothing-

But we’ve promised each other something much bigger than the world.

You’ve given me peace, love, light

In the war of life.



What I Wanted To Say Was

There was a time when you said sorry,

And I said that I’d forgive you.

Where we pushed each other’s boundaries,

And waited to see what would come of it.

Time has taken its turn on us,

And we let the pieces fall where they may.

You made a lot of promises,

And they were all just as empty,

As your words,

And the terms of endearment,

My love and baby.

Because it turns out,

That you weren’t sorry,

And you never did say so.

Because it turns out,

That I never did forgive you,

And time has left it all a little too late.

So save your breath,

And I’ll save the wasted emotion.

I used to wish I could be that girl,

That filled your moments and your arms.

But it turns out,

That I don’t admire your true colors,

Or the stupid grin your always wear.

Because the man I wanted,

The man I loved,

Was just a shell of you.

And turns out,

The real you is disappointing at best.

So I’m realizing now,

That what you are,

And what you ought to be,

Are two very different things.

This is me saying,

Things are different now,

And I’m through with it all.


This Galaxy

You’re the kind of person that the silence is shared well with on long car rides.

Where there’s so much more that hangs in those breaths after a laughing fit.

You’re the electricity that appears between the thunder and lightning.

I know that this silence so quietly shared, boasts so much more than what we see.

You’re the early morning dew on the grass, gone right as the sun touches you so.

I’m chasing you through the light, into the dark, and up into the stars.

This is how our worlds will orbit. Around each other. One in the same.