This Galaxy

You’re the kind of person that the silence is shared well with on long car rides.

Where there’s so much more that hangs in those breaths after a laughing fit.

You’re the electricity that appears between the thunder and lightning.

I know that this silence so quietly shared, boasts so much more than what we see.

You’re the early morning dew on the grass, gone right as the sun touches you so.

I’m chasing you through the light, into the dark, and up into the stars.

This is how our worlds will orbit. Around each other. One in the same.



Make Indulging Your Habit

A little bit of my day

Is spent loving me

When I light a candle

And sing a great song

And open up a bookmark

To where I left off.

Because there’s time for you

And time for me

But never often should these two meet.

I set it aside

And revel when I can

In the beauty that comes

From a relaxing end

To a day

To a year

From this goal

And on to the next.

What I want in 2016

Is more moments like these

Where I spend it on me

And forget that this too

Is a feat on its own.

So make some room

For the person you love

Make room for all the things

You’ve set aside in a rush

And treasure the one

Who needs love too

Remember that this time

Is always for you.


Make Room

Make room for me

Make room for my love

Just a moment

To be in between

The push

And shove.

This is all but

The actions of passion

And maybe it’ll hurt some

But there’s always a sting

When you get it just right.

Don’t worry about the hurt

My darling

Desire awaits you on the

Other side.

You won’t hunger for love

When I’m always here

To satiate that need

For you

That will always be.

Keep steady

Breathe me in

Take every last drop

I’m giving this my all.