CAUTION: New things, new year, new writing- ahead!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I’m partial to poetry. Although my posting is not always frequent- the writing has always come from the heart.

As the new year has started up full swing, I have decided on pushing myself to try other forms of writing. Particularly positive perspective, advice, and self-help.

I’ve struggled with being able to practice what I preach for quite some time now; and in order to finally overcome that, I started up a new blog Be Good. Do Good.

This has been inspired by friends, and loved ones. But mostly because I felt that I needed to be doing my fair share of being a good human, and doing great things- one word at a time. 

New things are not always easy- but I’d like you to join me on this journey, as I find my voice in this world, again. A challenge to try and be better for myself, others, and the world. I’m trying to be a good human again.

Here’s my first article, give it a nice read, and maybe even a follow. I look forward to some feedback!

As always, sending love,




How high are the steps

That you seem to be standing upon

When I look at you

From down here

It makes the light behind you

Seem too bright for my eyes

And your touch

Out of reach.

How low you fell

When the steps I began to climb

And how the steps leveled

And left the façade to fall.

What greatness there is

In being so shiny

Brand new.

How did you ever make it

All the way up to the top

Why did I build you

To touch the sky

When I should have known

That nothing is true

When you pick it up

From below.  

Leave the pennies unturned

And the leaves to fall

Because you descended my dear

And now I know

That building was never my own

But left to the Gods.   



I fell into oblivion

Off the edge of my heart

And straight into the heat of it all

I will leave this world

So scorched and bruised

From all the love of caring

Caring too much

For the one’s who have felt less

And love less

But this is the beauty

In the trenches of more

That I leave all the love in this life

To give away every last caring piece

And knowing that it has been felt

I will leave empty handed

With no should haves

Or could haves

I will fulfill every last remnant

Because caring more

Is an incredible thing

For this will be

My greatest gift